Nutrition and Awareness

Nutrition and Awareness

Another healthy habit is to raise awareness through a food diary. An easy way to keep a food diary is by taking photos of eberything you eat. For instance, there’s a restaurant we like that has a fried snickers and ice cream dish. If you know you’re going to have to take a picture of that fried snickers and even report it back to your nutritionist, you might not order it.

Keeping a food diary lets you look back at trends over time. There’s a story in The Power of Habit that someone was eating a cookie every day at 3:00 pm and they didn’t even remember it. They didn’t track it mentally and it was as if they went to another floor on autopilot.

I once read that sugar is more addictive than cigarettes. In the case of the unconscious cookie. this person would walk down the hall, down the stairs, eat the cookie and forget they even did it. If you’re taking a picture for a food diary, it can help you increase awareness of your nutrition habits and keep track of your activities.

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