Message in Water, No Vain Clouds

“The following extracts from the book ‘The Message from Water’ by Masaru Emoto. It advises us that ‘water is telling us to take a closer look at ourselves – water is a mirror reflecting our mind.’

When we project Chi and love into water and then freeze it; it will turn into a ‘regular’ and well structured crystal. If we project negative energy into water, the opposite will apply. Our projections will access the cellular level, clean out the polluted cells and reprogram those remaining with the essence of our affirmation.” -From Cosmic Healing Chi Kung

Hundreds of flowers in the spring, the moon in the autumn,

A cool breeze in summer; and snow in winter;

If there is no vain cloud in your mind

For you it is a good season.

(Zen Comments on the Mumonkan 140)

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