Meditation and Perspective

Meditation and Perspective

Meditation and chi kung as practices for self-care allows one to strengthen their potential for health and healing. Chi Kung practice awakens internal wisdom that helps direct, steer and guide the practitioner in new directions toward virtue and helping others.

Awakenings usually start small and at times are hardly perceptible. However, over time, the practice of Chi Kung can increase our health to open the way for healing and pursuit and attainment of what truly allows happiness. Through the practice of finding stillness each day, or gentle stretching, or consciously swallowing our saliva, we will enjoy numerous benefits from a heightened quality of presences in the body.

We may feel more grounded and lighter at the same time. We will discover that we can walk in a new way and see the world with new eyes. Instead of apathy or a feeling of low vitality, we may decide to appreciate and see a world full of mysteries and beauty.

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