Medical Homes and Preventative Medicine

Medical Homes and Preventative Medicine

In Public Health, research suggests that people who have a medical home where they go to a healthcare provider once a year and check in, are far healthier and their life expectancy is much better than people who do not have a medical home–on average. 

Part of the reason is that you’re checking in, they’re doing your blood work, checking your blood pressure, diabetes indicators, white blood cells, and pre-disease indicators. They’re getting regular screenings and most people will address a poor health issue; if they know about it.

Did you know we all should have a thyroid test every five years, blood pressure every two years? Cholesterol checked regularly? Bone density screenings on a scheduled basis? Diabetes markers should be checked yearly?

Men and women have different categories of checkups, and they vary at different ages and stages of life. If you catch something through a mammogram or through skin screening in the early stages, it can be solved more easily. If it’s in stage three or four then it can be much more of a problem. Having a regular medical checkup could be a great idea for individuals and for society.

Note: I see an acupuncturist eight times a year and take herbs regularly. And I also see a ‘western’ doctor for checkups once a year. In America, where I live, we are bombarded with unhealthy choices and medical bills are a major source of bankruptcy. Investing in our health yields tremendous results financially and otherwise. $1 spent on prevention can save $5-$7 in treatment. I’ll also acknowledge that I am fortunate to have insurance through my employer and that not everyone has this benefit.

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