Massage the Fingers

Massage the fingers

Rub your hands until they are warm, then use one hand’s fingers to wrap around the other fingers. One by one, squeeze, hold and release each finger on the left hand three to six times; then, continue to the right hand’s fingers. This will help to control the corresponding emotions of each finger.

For example, if at any time you are frightened or fearful, you can wrap your fingers around the little finger, starting with the left side and moving to the right side. Practicing the Six Healing Sounds in conjunction with the finger wrapping may also help. The ring finger controls anger; when you are going to get angry, try to wrap it a few times to see if you still get angry. The middle finger controls impatience, index finger controls sadness, and the thumb controls worry.

From Chi Self Massage, By Mantak Chia

Fingers Correspond to Emotions, Elements and Organs.

“Thumb corresponds to the element earth and is associated with the stomach. The corresponding emotion is worry.

Index finger corresponds to the element of metal and is associated with the lungs and large intestine. It links with the emotions of sadness, grief and depression.

Middle finger corresponds with the element of fire and is associated with the heart, small intestine, circulatory system and the respiratory system. It links with the emotions of impatience and hastiness.

Ring finger corresponds to the wood element and is associated with the liver, gall bladder and the nervous system; it corresponds to the anger emotion.

Pinky finger corresponds to the water element; it is associated with the kidneys, and corresponds with the emotion of fear.”

From: Chi Self Massage, By Mantak Chia

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