Magnifying Your Energy 

Magnifying Your Energy 

When we start to focus and gather our energy through meditation, it can be a little like focusing the rays of the sun through a magnifying glass. Our chi will become powerful and concentrated in the places where we direct it. Just like the focused sun rays, our energy can do damage. If left in the head, we can think too much, making it difficult to sleep. If left in the heart, we can have too many emotions, making it difficult to see relationships clearly. 

As our spiritual progress increases, the intensity of our internal energy grows. Just as a house’s electrical system needs grounding, our energetic wiring needs grounding, or serious problems can occur. Insomnia, kundalini psychosis, and other energetic imbalances can occur. Often the danger is in overheating and the yin, cooling energy of the earth is needed for healing. 

Through the Taoist meditation called the microcosmic orbit, one can bring in cool energy of the earth, the moon, and water aspects of nature. Through the six healing sounds, one can release trapped heat and ‘vent’ sick, stuck, or imbalanced energy out of the body. Further, the standing practices of Iron Shirt and I-Chuan are designed to facilitate breathing between the practitioner and the earth. 

One can learn more about these practices in the humble book: The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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