Lower Limb Circulation

Lower Limb Circulation

After sitting in a chair all day or laying down all night, circulation to our feet and legs will be compromised. Toxins, emotions, and fluids will be stuck in the veins, arteries, and energy meridians of our legs and feet. Increasing circulation through movement and massage can move out the tension, worry, and stuck-ness that will build up over time.

One simple exercise to improve circulation is, when laying down, to rub the toes together. First thing in the morning, if we rub the big toe and second toe together, it will increase circulation. Another exercise, while lying down, is to pull our toes back toward our head, flexing our hamstrings and the tendons of our knees and ankles.

Also, while laying down, we can stretch our body like a bow, meaning we raise our feet off of the ground and reach toward the feet with our hands. Then, relax on our backs and repeat again five or six times. While reaching for the feet, we can stick out the tongue and open the eyes wide to stretch the tendons of the face and upper body. Lastly, with the feet resting on the ground, reach to the feet and touch the legs as far down as you can, the toes, feet, ankles, or knees. No matter where you are, start where you are.

The veins can tighten and harden from lack of movement, tight shoes, sitting too long, or standing on the feet too long. The exercises above, along with self-massage of the feet, can increase circulation and prevent blood clots. We can also soak our feet in hot water, slap the bottom of the feet, massage around the knees and ankles, slap the back of the knees, and rest with the feet in the air against a wall.

Many of these exercises are referenced in:

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching:
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