Low Center of Gravity

Low Center of Gravity

Keeping a low center of gravity is a useful principle that reminds us to ‘keep our mind where our body is.’ Before discovering the Healing Tao exercises, my mental energy would keep my awareness floating above my body in some problem of the day or usually some problem of some other day.

Often, there wasn’t even a problem; I was just creating mental constructs that I called problems because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. Life flows more smoothly when I focus on ‘the way’ and not on ‘my way’ only.

Maintaining a low center of gravity keeps me in my space and reminds me to stay close to the present reality. In our chi kung practices, this refers to breathing into our lower abdomen, allowing our diaphragm to move up and down, gently massaging our internal organs and exercising our lungs to their full capacity. In life, it feels like not over-reaching or being blown around by the changing tides of life.

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