Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure

If you remember discussing high blood pressure, we talked about getting the energy away from the heart and head and into the other vital organs of the body. We discussed self-massage techniques and meditations focusing on the feet and lower abdomen. 

For low blood pressure, we want to focus on the opposite. We want to bring energy to the head, specifically the energy centers at the mid-eyebrow and crown. Meditating on the navel is a great place to start for people with normal or high blood pressure. But if blood pressure is already low, focusing on the navel can make the blood pressure drop even lower. 

As with any health advice, please check in regularly with your doctor. Blood pressure (and other health markers) should normalize after a few months of practicing foundational Taoist techniques. Some of these include the inner smile, the six healing sounds, Tao yin/Taoist yoga, and tai chi chi kung. All of these practices were developed and used to slow the heart, rejuvenate the glands, move the lymphatic system, calm the nervous system, and encourage the bowels to move. 

More can be learned about these exercises in: The Alchemistā€™s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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