Listening to Intuition

Listening to Intuition

We all have a quiet voice or (sometimes) a loud voice inside of us. It can be a gut feeling that we should go somewhere, it could be a sense of timing that encourages us to move in a certain direction at the right time in our career or on the road. We think another motorist is about to merge and we slow down a bit, then all of the sudden they just merge quickly or they swerve into our lane without using a signal. 

I once lived across from a small airport and early one morning I was about to pull out of the apartment complex. I thought “it seems like everyone is driving fast, I’m going to hang back a little bit.” I stopped before I pulled out of the apartments, a car stopped in front of me, and right after that, another car hit their car while going about 60 miles an hour. I was right in the midst of all that and was helped by my intuition. 

I’ve also stupid stuff; I’ve done stupid with zeros on the end of it. I didn’t listen to my intuition when I should have known better. We all have experiences when our intuition tries to speak to us and we can choose to listen or not. We have this ability to tap into this power and it can be developed. Sometimes we feel someone is looking at us and we turn around and, sure enough, somebody’s looking at us. 

Studies have been done on “psychic abilities” and it includes a list such as: people foresee incidents in traffic, thinking of someone and then they call, or waking up right before the alarm, or a sense of timing in other ways. We might think people have to be psychic to do that, but surveys show nine out of ten people have had some of those experiences in their life. 

We can learn to tune inward an enhance our intuition. Michael J. Gelb, author of “How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci”, says, “Brain researchers estimate your unconscious database outweighs the conscious 10 million to one.” This data is the source of your hidden natural genius. In other words, part of you is much smarter than you are. Wise people regularly consult that smarter part. 

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