Internal Chi Pressure, Standing Postures

Increase your internal chi pressure through deep breathing, Taoist standing practices, Tai Chi, martial arts, herbs, acupuncture, exercise, and anything you can. A strong internal force keeps Negative external forces away. Let us show you how!!

Taoist Standing Practices: Get Calm and Stable

This video is the first of a series of ten short videos on Taoist standing practices. From the waste down, the standing practices primarily have the same principles. The breathing should be simple, the joints should expand and condense / open and close for each breath. One can breathe from the earth to the organs of the body and then back to the earth from the body. Start with the sexual organs and the kidneys. Then work your way up to Breathing earth energy into the spleen, liver, and lungs. Increase your internal pressure to combat the external pressure of negative forces! Try it and ask any questions you’d like!


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