Internal Alchemy, Chi Kung to Reverse Sitting

There is a lot happening in this photo… let’s take a look at the many aspects of Taoist Internal Alchemy:

•the adept is mixing the sexual energy with the heart.

•the adept is containing their energy within the golden belt channel around the body.

•the yin and yang of the material plane are surrounding the adept, symbolized by the red and blue yin – yang symbol.

•the eight trigrams of the bagua surround the adept to represent all possible energies and combinations on the material plane.

•the planets, the Big Dipper, and the North Star are in balance and being breathed into the crown of the adept.

Try visualizing and feeling some of these energies in your meditations; just be sure keep your feet on the ground and store energy in the abdomen by massaging the navel at the end of the meditation.


Spend a lot of time sitting? Try this chi kung movement.

This is a very simple chi kung practice that involves opening all the joints of the body. Standing on the balls of the feet, reach up toward the sky. Then, release the hands and joints as the hands sink back down toward the earth. As one reaches up, they can squeeze the anus, perineum, and sexual organs. As the hands come back down, release any tensions. Try this 10 or 20 times and notice the invigorating feeling. Thank you!

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