Inspiring Force, The Dragon


“Inspiring Force. The Dragon.The Source of Success: an Advantageous Trial. Make an offering and you will succeed.

Though you face many obstacles, the situation you confront is full of creative energy. Offer yourself to the process. Persist and take action. Have no fear. Be a source of tireless energy and inspiring images. This will open a new cycle of time.

Inspiring Force, the Dragon is a shape-changer that constantly breaches natural reality. His inspiring force rises as the constellation Cerulean Dragon that presides over the growing season and his weaving body surrounds us as both lifelines in the landscape through which energy flows and as images rising within us, a mysterious vital force moving and circulating through the subtle body. The Dragon is the inspiration in a work of art and the dynamic language of the myth-world, our connection with the Great Person, the deep personality in all of us. It is a realizing spirit-image, a gate to the unseen, mediator and conductor of blessings. Its earliest image may be the Staring Eyes found on sacrificial objects from earliest times, signifying the awesome power of the Ancestor. Inspiring Force is tireless creative energy, inspiring and creating dynamic harmony by connecting us with the power of inner images.”

The Total I-Ching, by Stephen Karcher

I consult the I-Ching every day, but it is always interesting to #1: Inspiring Force/Dragon. So much potential is conveyed, if one believes in that sort of thing 😉

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