Honey-like Energy

Honey-like Energy

Taoist teachers talk about the link between meditation, gratitude, and the thymus gland. When the body is relaxed and the energy is calm, the thymus gland is healthy. When the thymus is healthy, it can direct healing energy to ward off illness in the body. Taoist master, Mantak Chia’s research shares that the thymus gland produces t-cells that will find and get rid of abnormal cells.

When we smile and practice gratitude, Taoists say our organs release a honey-like secretion. This energy has a sweet quality that nourishes the body and relaxes the nervous system. We feel content and peaceful and our body functions properly. Stress, worry, anger, fear, or sadness create an unpleasant secretion in the body. It will affect our appetite, increase our blood pressure, stress our nervous system, and increase our resting heart rate.

The moral of this post: we can practice smiling to the body and the thymus gland. Over time, the habit will take on a life of its own. Our bodies will be filled with the sweet, honey-like energy. Our good vibration will spread out into our environment and good vibrations will find us—like a honey-bee to a flower.

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