Hobbies, Going to War

A Great Warrior Does Not Seek War

A great warrior does not seek war.
A great fighter remains calm in the battle. A great winner does not flaunt his victory. A great leader lifts up the people.
This is the virtue of not striving. This is how to lead people.
This is the union of man and Tao.


Pursuing a hobby is another thing we can do to improve our life and attitude for the long term. I was recently at a company and one of the gentlemen there is a chief officer in the company, he’s about to retire. He has had a very successful career, made a big difference and impacted the lives of a lot of people. He is getting ready to retire and said, “You know, I need to get a hobby. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m done working.” At 65 or so, when you are about to retire, that’s a hard time to come up with a hobby. But it’s well known anecdotally and in research that people without anything to do struggle physically and mentally after retirement. So, find a hobby and a community of people to go with you through the years.

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