Hitting the Abdominal Area

Hitting the Abdominal Area

Taoist hitting practices are great for detoxification. For hitting, We can use the hands, rattan/bamboo sticks, bundled copper wires, or mung beans tied into a sock. Today, we’ll talk about hitting the abdomen. 

Breathe in lightly, without filling the lungs more than 50%. Concentrate on energy gathering in the navel. Hold the breath and tap the lower abdomen with one of the instruments listed above. The precise area of the abdomen can be from the solar plexus to the pubic bone and the ascending colon across to the descending colon. 

After each round of inhaling, holding the breath, hitting and exhaling, feel energy gather behind the navel area. This process detoxifies the major organs of the lower abdomen: the liver, pancreas/spleen, small intestine, large intestine, and bladder. It can release trapped heat and cause stuck energy and fluid to move. Start gently and build over time as your body gets used to it. 


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