High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure and Chinese Medicine

High blood pressure results from inflammation of the inner walls of arteries. Once the artery is inflamed, the endothelial lining becomes swollen and narrows the artery. Blood cannot pass through as easily and the heart has work harder to push blood through. This causes high blood pressure.

A lifestyle of smoking, too much alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, working long hours, emotional stress, being inside for a long time, lack of exercise, a poor diet, and a reversed circadian rhythm can all cause high blood pressure. Fatty, greasy, deep fried and processed foods can hurt our bodies over time. The stress accumulates in our internal organs, tissues, and arteries.

Prescription drugs can treat high blood pressure and help people begin the return to a healthy condition. This medicine can lower the blood pressure when it is dangerously high. It can save a person’s life in the short term. But medication should not be a long-term solution. In the medium term, a taoist healer will prescribe acupuncture or herbs for high blood pressure to reduce the stress hormone (which can cause the arteries to contract). In the long-term, we need to remove the toxins from the body and adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle includes the opposite of activities listed as unhealthy in the second paragraph. To be healthier, make it a point to smoke less, drink less, work less, walk/exercise more, eat healthier, and sleep with natural cycles of day and night. Don’t get overwhelmed, just focus on making small changes at first. 10% less smoking and drinking. 10% more sleep. Spend 10% less and work 10% less. 

The Tao is close, but everyone looks far away. Health is simple, but everyone seeks complexity. 


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