Heart and Hands

Heart and Hands 

There is a Taoist practice for connecting the flow of energy from the heart to the hands. This practice is primarily taught to hands-on and energy healers. The practice focuses on the heart and pericardium meridians in the hands (points heart-8 and pericardium-8, as well as large intestine-4). We also massage the areas between the bones on the back of the hand and the lines of the palm. Further, we squeeze each finger to reduce stress, increase circulation of energy and blood, and activate the healing energy of the hands. 

Even though this practice is taught in a hand-healing course (Chi Nei Tsang: abdominal massage), don’t many of us use our hands in our work? We use phones, computers, tools, and even shake hands with those we help and help us. So, opening the connection between the heart and the hands is a good practice for all of us. In addition to the heart-hands connection, we also want to open the heart and earth connection. But that is a post for another day. 🙂 


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