Healthy Spine and Back Habits (part 2)

Healthy Spine and Back Habits (part 2)

To help the lower back while you’re driving, you can place a pillow at your lower lumbar to provide support. 

Another, subtle and overlooked method for helping the body while driving is to use cruise control. Allowing the car to move under cruise control keeps the driver from needing to apply consistent pressure on the gas pedal.  

Since we spend most of our life in bed as a proportion of our total time, find a mattress that helps you wake feeling refreshed.

To help you back and spine from acute injuries, it can be helpful to know the laws of lifting. You don’t lift with the main emphasis of pulling or pushing on your back.  It is much more helpful to lift with the strength of your legs. We can get help from a friend to lift heavy objects. Many times we hear of injuries that happen when someone gets in hurry to move something and does not wait until they can have help lifting.  Sometimes these injuries can cause issues that require surgery or months to heal.

I used to work with someone that was plagued by lower back pain. She claimed that she got about an hour or two of sleep each night, then wake up, and have to move around and stretch before she could lay back down and go to sleep.  To help with this issue, she purchased an inversion table. This is a “home gym” device in which a person puts your feet in to braces, and then the table tilts backwards to hang the person upside down and stretch their spine. She claimed the inversion table changed her life completely. She now gets a full night’s sleep and her pain has mostly been relieved. 

If you knew there was a simple remedy for something that plagues many westerners, perhaps you could start the procedure before you even had the pain.  With the amount of information available, we don’t have to suffer with things that may be bothering us. And, we don’t have to accept conventional treatments that require expensive drugs.  We can try simple cures first.

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