Healing as a Gift

Healing as a Gift

Our bodies can heal naturally. Miraculous stories abound of nature’s ability to heal and for life to continue.  Healing is a gift from nature and our body knows how to heal itself. Healing can be a gift we give ourselves by providing the circumstances that foster healing, such as:

-a healthy diet that agrees with our body
-an adequate amount of sleep when our body can reset
-water to support our ability to move our bowels
-living with an amount of stress that we can handle

At the same time, disease and death are part of life and existence. We don’t want to be insensitive toward sickness or death. It doesn’t help to shame or feel guilty when we or others get sick or are dying. They tell me even the sun will die. For humans, it seems the storehouse of energy we create in our life provides us the opportunity to die more consciously.

And, giving ourselves the opportunity to heal helps us live more consciously.


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