Grounding Energy

Grounding Energy

As one begins to practice meditation and chi kung, the feeling of energy in the body can become powerful. The mind/intention can focus energy like a magnifying glass can focus the rays of the sun. As the energy becomes more concentrated, the need for grounding arises.

If excess energy isn’t grounded and vented in a safe way, heath problems may occur. Blending with the earth’s energy can stabilize the energy of the body. One can send excess energy into the earth to cool and relax the body.

Energy in the body is like electricity in the power grid, the stronger the voltage, the greater the need for grounding. Lower-voltage equipment doesn’t necessarily require a ground wire, but higher-voltage appliances, such as washers, dryers, ovens and water heaters, and must have ground wires.

The Taoist practices of Tai Chi Chi Kung, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Fusion of the Five Elements, Tao Yin, and Healing Love Through the Tao are practices that can help to safely process extra energy.

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