Flushing the Blood at the Groin

Flushing the Blood at the Groin

The femoral artery can be manipulated, at the crease of each leg, to affect the flow of blood to the lower extremities. Using the edge of our hands, we can apply pressure to feel the pulse on each side. Usually, one side will be stronger than the other. We can hold the pulse in each leg for thirty seconds or a minute. 

When we let the blood flow resume, it can break up blockages, open passageways, and push stuck heat or cold out of the body. In addition to using the edge of our hands, we can lay on our back and pull each knee toward our chest. This stops the blood flow and when the leg is stretched back out, blood rushes to the lower body. We can pull one knee at a time toward the chest and then both at the same time. 

Squatting, bending the hips in Tai chi and chi kung, swinging one leg at a time, and lifting the knees are other exercises to improve the pulse to the lower body. Massaging the crease of the legs, standing up at your desk, walking, and hip circling also help. You can even practice jump on a trampoline, swing a hula hoop, or dance like Justin Timberlake. Just move the hips! More Taoist yoga techniques in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 


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