Five Element Nutrition

Five Element Nutrition

Taoists said that the five flavors strain the palate and make it difficult to taste—like a drug addict needing a bigger fix. The five flavor concept was subject to debate as wary as the 3rd century BCE. Taoists saw the elaborate feasts of that time and the five flavors were exemplified by rare and expensive foods. Taoists believe in simple and natural foods. They say, as a way of life, plain flavors are better for health as a habit. Of course we can enjoy a treat, but as Charlie says, it’s ain’t a party if it happens everyday. 

Organs and Tastes 

Heart – Bitter

Liver – Sour

Spleen – Sweet

Lung – Spicy

Kidney – Salty

Sour flavour can calm the body.

Bitter flavour can clear heat.

Sweet flavour can tonify the body.

Spicy flavour can expels cold from the body.

Salty flavour can help the body shift stagnation.

Examples of Food

SPICY:Chili peppersSichuan pepperCinnamon
SOUR:Bitter melon-freshRice vinegarLemon
BITTER:Bitter melon-ripeSeville orangeGarlic-raw
SALTY:SaltSoy sauce

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