Finding That Motivation 

Finding That Motivation 

Humans are rare in the animal kingdom in that they can consciously direct their sexual energy. In the absence of making a choice, sexual energy unconsciously directs us. There is a saying that habits can be the best of slaves or the worst of masters. 

Spiritual traditions, scientific research, poets, boxers, and baseball players all have practices of channeling sexual energy to higher goals. Procreation is a higher goal, of course, but there is much more ‘raw material’-energy and matter-in the body than is ever needed for child creation. A healthy male releases 250 million sperm cells, on average, during each ejaculation. Women, on average, have 300,000 eggs after puberty. 

If only a few of these sperm and egg cells are used for reproduction, what can we do with all of this extra creative power? Taoist masters believe we can use the energy to achieve vitality and superb health. A regular mind can be transformed into a creative genius. An unhappy life can turn into one of joy, passion, and freedom. From chronic fatigue and sluggish, we can transform into sharp senses, seemingly limitless energy, and a feeling of connectedness with the living universe. 

The mind responds to friendships, arts, and beautiful music. It also responds to drugs, jealousy, and fear. The most powerful response, however, is love mixed with sexual energy. Taoist practices transform the body to allow this energy to flow freely. Through chi kung movements and Taoist yoga, the energy meridians of the body are opened. Sexual energy nourishes the organs and amplifies positive virtues that are grown through Taoist meditation. Sharing positive, loving virtues in the world is a sure-fire way to creating a peaceful and happy life.

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