Creating a Daily Practice

Photo: The author in Laoshan, China. On a Taoist China trip with Michael Winn of Healing Tao USA.

Merry Christmas! Changing habits can be tough and moreso the longer we’ve had them. At a time like the solstice, Christmas, New Year’s Day, or the lunar new year, it’s common to review, evaluate, and think about positive changes we want to make.

I’ve had the most success when I start small with changes. For instance, instead of starting a one or two hour meditation and movement routine, why don’t I just perform a six-minute tai chi short form every day? Then, it’s easier to grow a routine from that foundation. The same goes with reading more, listening to informational books or podcasts, and exercise.

Finally, Jack Canfield suggests forming four new success habits a year. Every thirteen weeks, add one new habit. In a year, this creates four new habits; in five years it creates twenty new habits. This practice can be more manageable than creating a long list of resolutions to start all at once at the beginning of the Gregorian calendar year.

Love you all and happy holidays!

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