Find Our Base

Find Our Base

In sitting meditation and sitting in a chair, our base is important for filtering raw earth energy. A straight and solid posture opens a clear pathway for cerebrospinal fluid to travel up the spine and to the head. A grounded and steady sitting posture helps in meditation to handle the increased energy. This same posture helps us in commuting and working at a computer as we deal with increased energy from heat and electrical fire.

The sitting posture includes the feet flat on the floor, the same distance apart. The back can be straight, and the weight is evenly divided by the two feet and the two sitting bones. The calves are perpendicular to the floor, standing straight like two great pillars. The knees can be at the same level of the hips, not too high or too low, keeping the femur bones parallel.

Again, a simple checklist can be: feet flat, weight balanced on the sitting bones, spine straight, breathing even, and chin tucked just slightly. If that’s not enough, hold the jaw lightly, don’t lean forward with the head, and don’t lean forward on a table or back into the chair (for too long.)

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