Feeling the Flow of Energy

Feeling the Flow of Energy 

Before a meditation practice or anytime, there are some ways to ‘warm up’ the energy body. For instance, massage the face, scalp, and soles of the feet. You can also circle the head, rotate your hips, and/or clap your hands Loudly to bring energy to them. 

In the morning and/or before bed, we can stretch the tendons by pointing our toes back toward us, then pointing them forward—back and forth. We can clench and unclench the jaw, open the mouth wide, rotate the tongue to massage the teeth and gums, generate saliva, and swallow it. 

Lastly, for today, you can lay on your back, lift your legs off the floor or bed, and point your knees back toward you. This has many benefits, such as opening the hips, stretching psoas muscle, creating space between the lumbar, flushing the fluids/gas in the hip area (blood, lymphatic water, gas in the large intestine, etc.)

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