External Diagnosis

External Diagnosis

The human being forms when two halves of a cell become one. From there, the cells divide and become an organism, growing through cycles of life. From these humble origins, the connection between different parts of the body remains. Taoist doctors studied the body, combined their knowledge, and passed it down through millennia. Classical Taoist doctors didn’t want to cut the body open. And, face, hand, and body ‘reading’ became popular in a conservative culture where health had to be determined while the patient remained clothed.

They found that the health or illness of internal organs revealed itself in exterior, physical characteristics, known as physiognomy. The relationships between the size, colors, and shape of external features with the health of internal features became established. Taoist physicians developed this knowledge and practice as a science and art. These philosophical foundations are similar to the principles of reflexology. 

The eyes relate to the liver and a healthy liver will be reflected by a clear, deeply colored iris. The lips reflect the spleen, the nose reflects the lungs, the ears reflect the kidneys, and the tip of the nose and aspects of the tongue reflect the heart. The conditions of these external features reflect the health of the internal organ and the associated energy lines that flow to and from from the organs to the extremitities of the body.

Movement thorough everyday life, chi kung, taoist yoga, and meditation keep energy flowing in the body. Stagnation clogs the meridians, organs, and sense organs. Learn taoist exercises for health and vitality in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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