Expel Sick Winds from the Body

Expel Sick Winds from the Body

When they function properly, the heart and liver create and store the emotions of love/joy and kindness/forgiveness. However, when they don’t function properly, the heart creates and stores hatred and impatience and the liver creates and stores anger and frustration. These negative emotions build up in the body and the sick energy or sick ‘winds’ begin to manifest in physical symptoms, such as a burning and itching feeling and sleeplessness. 

Sicks winds make the liver, heart, pericardium and spleen weak and tired. These energies need to be moved from their stuck position in the body and expelled out. This can be done through many of the Taoist practices discussed on this blog. For instance, self-massage of the tight places in the abdomen can untangle knots and release stuck energy. Chi kung and Taoist yoga move the body and wring out sick winds like squeezing the water out of wet dish towels. 

Over time, making life simpler to eliminate stress is the best solution for preventing debilitating sick winds. Being kind and helping others allows the organs to relax. A feeling of connectedness with the rest of life helps the body feel fulfilled and at peace. A good night of sleep, eating a reasonable amount of food, and drinking enough water are simple ways to help the body realize it’s true potential. 


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