Equal Night

Equal Night: Equinox

March 20-22, we celebrate the Spring Equinox, marking the first days of Spring. The day and night are about equal – 12 hours each. The return of expanding energy becomes more obvious and we notice the turning outward after the cold and inward contraction of Fall and Winter. Preparing for new growth, spring is the time of sprouting, of expansion and creative new beginnings.

The days surrounding the Equinox are an ideal time for spring cleaning, goal-setting, and engaging in community at various levels. Springtime is a great time of year for strengthening the liver. Chinese herbs such as bupleurum and Western herbs such as milk thistle help cleanse and strengthen the Liver. Massaging and tapping the liver can help move and stuck energy that wants to rise to the surface.

A spring equinox meditation can be practiced anytime within the days surrounding the equinox. It’s good to do around dawn, but can still be done any time. My friend Mike says his Taoist teacher commented that intentions set on the Equinox have a 4 to 1 power ratio.

Sample Meditation: Stand outside facing the East, the direction of the rising sun and the sprouting Wood element. We can visualize that the power and fresh energy of the East, in the form of green light, is gathered into your body through your inhalation, through the pores of the skin, and through the soles of your feet. Like a tree that draws in nutrients through its roots, feel that you have absorbed the essence of spring and the Wood element into your body. Imagine that you are recharged and renewed.

Happy Equinox, my friends. Peace, love, and Wifi 😉

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