Energy Meridians

Energy Meridians?

Energy in the body flows through energy channels like rivers flow down mountains to the ocean. When this energy stagnates, it creates knots in the surrounding tissues, leading to tangles, swellings, lumps, and masses. Chi kung, tai chi, and Taoist yoga open the channels and allow energy to flow unimpeded through the body. 

Once energy flows easily through the body; toxins have been cleared out, emotional tensions relax, and blood is decongested in vessels and tissues. The goal is to free the energy meridians of all their ‘gunk’ (gunk is hillbilly speak for toxins, blockages, trapped heat/cold, and emotions we can’t let go.) Once the meridians flow freely, they can be filled with the pure, healing energy of nature. 

Full and free-flowing meridians are a predictable outcome of a Taoist health and spiritual practice. I mentioned rivers flowing to the ocean earlier in this post. In Taoist medicine and meditation, the area at/near/below the navel (360 degrees) is called the tan tien or “field of elixir.” To me it is like a great ocean of healing energy that can be grown and cultivated. As this area fills, it spills out into the meridians. As the meridians are cleared, energy flows from the tan tien to the meridians, nourishing organs, skin, muscles, tendons, etc. creating radiant health and vitality and increasing the probability for a long life. Learn more: The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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