Earth-Sun-Moon Alchemy, Meditation

The Greater Fire and Water practice works at the solar plexus and the level of the planet Earth. We’ve got the planet Earth holding the center and then the yin and yang are the energies of the Sun and the Moon.

The Sun and the Moon deal with our perception of time, our days, our nights, and the seasons. At this level, the practice also deals with our ancestors. Balancing energies at the level of the greater water and fire help with any issues with our ancestors, any genetic things you may have inherited, emotionally or physically.

To start, visualize the earth at the solar plexus. Then, we can we the Golden Sun below the Silver (or black) moon at the solar plexus; like fire below boiling water.

Meditation affects the brain’s function through stress reduction, cognition, mood, and focus. Try counting your breath, 4 seconds in, pause, 4 seconds out, pause. Or, try listening to your heart beat.

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