Dumping Negative Emotions

Dumping Negative Emotions

Whenever too much negative energy is built up in the body, it becomes difficult to manage. Like a boiling tea kettle, the built-up pressure must be released. Negative energy can be magnified by unbalanced sexual energy and further, this sexual energy has a bonding or sticky quality that gets wrapped up and stays with the negative emotions.  Without good tools to manage this energy, the path of least resistance is to unconsciously dump it on others. People that find this strategy harmful to their relationships usually dump the negative emotions on themselves, like a trash can that never gets emptied.

The Taoist perspective on emotional energy is that it’s neutral at its core. If we can take the charge off of the negative emotional energy, it can be transformed into something useful. When we dump the emotions on others, it is like throwing the trash to the curb. However, if we can recycle that same energy into vitality, it is like turning a soda can into a canoe or animal manure into a garden’s fertilizer. The same philosophy relates to raw sexual energy in the body. The more animalistic charge can be taken off and it can be transformed into a force for spiritual growth, helping others, and positively impacting the world.

It’s difficult to teach all of this over a blog, but I’m trying to share examples or outcomes of some experiences I’ve had over the years. If you’re interested in learning more, you can find Taoist books and videos here, online, or pray for a teacher and you may realize there has been one in your neighborhood all along.

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