Draw Energy Up, Gather Energy at the Navel

“Pull the energy up to the sexual organs and the urogenital diaphragm, the pelvic diaphragm, the anus, the kidneys, and the lower diaphragm. Feel as though you are sucking the earth. Feel the earth energy begin to enter the soles and move up the leg bones to the knees. The earth energy can feel cool or sometimes tingling. Some people feel warm.”

People ask where to start where to start with meditation or working with energy.  The simplest way to practice chi kung may be to collect the Chi in the navel. Stand up straight, touch the tongue to the palate, and put the palms over the navel. Concentrate on the navel for a while, feeling the energy that is generated by the Chi Kung.

Images and text from Iron Shirt Chi Kung, By Mantak Chia

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