Do your work and Rest, Ocean Breathing

Tao Te Ching #30

Do Your Work, Then Rest
If you learn to follow the Tao, You learn not to force things,
Or engage in senseless arguments.
Every force has a counterforce,
Every “wrong” person wants their turn to be right. Arguing or violence activates a counter balance.
The inner alchemist performs
His spiritual practice and then rests. He doesn’t try to dominate situations Or rush his spiritual progress.
He doesn’t need to get his way in an argument, Because he is happy with himself.
Because he is happy with himself,
He does not have to overdo his progress.
To overdo your progress Is to go against the Tao. To go against the Tao
Is to hasten decay.

The simplest moving meditation I know: Ocean Breathing

Sink into a simple and relaxing movement to open the energetic space of the physical body. Like a beautiful day wading in the ocean, feel the waves of energy flow through you as the universe breathes in harmony with your own breath. 

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