Deep Breathing, Deep Rooting

“In Taoism, cultivation of the movement of the pelvis, perineum, urogenital diaphragm, anus, and the sacrum and cranial pumps is very important in helping to move the life-force and sexual energy up to the higher center. The Iron Shirt Chi Kung Packing Process activates these pumps using various methods, e.g. mind control, muscle action, clenching of the teeth and tightening of the neck, and pressing the tongue to the palate. All of these methods will help to activate the eight pieces of cranial bone.” -Master Mantak Chia, Iron Shirt Chi Kung

“One principle is to stay rooted in everyday movements…. this refers to creating a connection between the nine points of the feet and the Earth (the nine points are the five toes, the ball of the foot, the heel, and both sides). While at your computer, for instance, this can mean sitting with your feet flat on the floor, which causes more awareness of your overall posture and leads to less slouching.

In your life’s emotions, staying rooted in each movement means to remain down-to-earth, practical, and to stay close to the present moment; even when external forces press in on us.

Keeping a low center of gravity is another principle that reminds us to ‘keep our mind where our body is.’ Before discovering the Healing Tao, it was often the case that mental energy would keep my awareness floating above my body in some problem of the day or usually some problem of some other day. Often, there wasn’t even a problem; I was just creating mental constructs that I called problems because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. Life flows more smoothly when I focus on ‘the way’ and not on ‘my way’ only.

-photo: Iron Shirt 1, Mantak Chia

-text: The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching by Andrew McCart

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