Dancing, Drumming, and Sexual Energy

Dancing, Drumming, and Sexual Energy

For powerful reproductive energy to flow up and nourish the body, it has to move from the sacral area into the energy channels around the spine.  When pop stars, belly dancers, or other performers dance provocatively, it involves moving the hips and sacrum in a free and provocative way. People see these dance moves and are aroused sexually, whether they know it or not. Energy awakens and moves in their body, and people pay millions for pop stars or to support advertisements that make them feel this arousal energy. 

In olden times, erotic dancing and suggestive movements were forbidden for ‘ordinary people’ to see. In certain cultures, virgin girls could dance like this for the gods, but only the priests were allowed to watch. Drums accompanied these dances, causing hearts to beat faster, and the reproductive energy of the audience moved up the spine to the head. If people couldn’t move the energy around the body or ground it to the earth, they overheated or went somewhat crazy from the pressure in the brain. 

What does this have to do with us? Well, for health and balance, we want the reproductive energy to travel from the sacral area around the rest of the body to nourish the health and capacity of organs and brain. Then, we want to know how to move our energy back down from the head to nourish the body and avoid going crazy. Rocking the sacrum, dancing, Tai chi, and even hula-hooping can awaken our energy. Deep breathing and massaging the feet can bring it back down. Moral of the story: Have fun and then relax. 

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