Cultivate Your Inner Spirit, Follow the Great Way

If you cultivate your inner spirit,

Your virtue will shine clearly.

If your virtue shines clearly,

Your family will flourish.

If your family flourishes,

Your village will prosper.

If your village prospers,

Then your nation will be abundant.

Thus, the sage sees others as if he were them.

He treats other families as if it were his family.

He deals with other villages as his village.

And thus all nations are treated as his nation.

Follow the Tao, let it flow through you:

The best chance for peace on earth.

Walking on the Great Way
Is a path that makes sense.
The path of the Great Way
Is demonstrated by all aspects of nature.
It is a straight and easy path,
But people find many distractions.
Chasing fancy homes and expensive clothes Mean we neglect the spirit.
Many carry sharp weapons, But their minds are dull.
The senses are numbed
By excess food, drink, and entertainment. The Tao is all but forgotten
Until the moment of death.

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