Cosmic Healing Chi Kung, Primordial Chi Kung

Cosmic Healing Qigong is another part of the healing branch of the Healing Tao. In this practice, we work with energy from the planets, the stars, the sun and moon, nature, and direct those into the patient that we’re working on. It could be compared to Reiki, which is very popular.

I think the Taoists have a very mapped-out process for working with different aspects of the universal chi field.

Additionally, Taoists have hundreds of self-care techniques that keep the practitioner safe when dealing with the toxic energy of clients.

Primoridal Chi Kung delivers both Radiant Body Health & Deep Soul Centering

  • super easy to learn & all ages, 8 to 80!
  • quickly delivers an amazing feeling of energy
  • awakens deep peace of true inner Self
  • develops a more powerful spiritual presence
  • great health benefits for heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraine.
  • resolve emotional and spiritual crisis.

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