Corners of the Mouth

Corners of the Mouth

One of the best things one can do to be more attractive is to smile. A happy and pleasing appearance depends on the ‘sparkle’ of the eyes and the corners of the mouth. Sadness and grief make the face drops, particularly in the corners of the mouth and eyes. When the face droops, the ring muscles of the mouth become loose and ring muscles throughout the digestive system become weak.

Taoist reflexology theory states that when one part of the body becomes weak and sags, other parts will too. Thus, as the ring muscles of the digestive system sag, the urogenital diaphragm and pelvic floor grow weak and energy leaks out, the organs all droop, and proper function doesn’t happen.

If we keep the muscles of the face massaged upward, it becomes more natural and easier to smile. As we smile, our face turns upward and the ring muscles, diaphragms, and organs also tend upward. The Taoist practice of the Inner Smile also builds up attractive energy from the inside and this energy will inevitably overflow and shine on the outside.  

Practice: using the thumb and index finger, push in at both corner of the mouth. As you push in and up at the mouth’s corners, simultaneously squeeze the anus and sexual organs. Do this practice ten to twenty times a day, along with the inner smile for five to ten minutes a day, and notice if it helps you feel happier and more energized.

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