Connectedness with All Creation

One result of this Taoist system, or any spiritual path, is an acceptance of creation and finding oneself at peace with the universe and all that it contains. A feeling of connectedness with all of the manifest and nonmanifest world is an experience sages throughout time have explained explicitly or implicitly.

Where better to begin this process than in one’s own body? And of course, if we can’t experience peace in our body, what hope do we have or feeling connected to all of creation? I believe this Taoist system allows the practitioner to build this feeling from the ground up, so the interrelated feeling with creation is hard-wired into the very being of the practitioner.

There are stories of instant enlightenment, but I believe the method of slowly building spiritual virtue in the body is akin to investing for retirement, versus hoping to hit the lottery.

By going inside your body,
You may know the whole world.
By looking at your own soul,
You may see through the windows of heaven.
The further you travel to find peace, The more elusive it becomes.

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