Cleaning the Face

Cleaning the Face

Cleaning the senses can help them work more effectively. The sense organs are a major source of energy usage and more effective sense organs result in less energy used. Here are some simple suggestions for self-care of the sense organs:

Eyes: People regularly wash their face, but don’t wash their eyes. We can clean our eyes if we fill a large bowl full of water, dip our face into it, open our eyes and move them around. This will get rid of a lot of dust and particles in the eyes and clean the tear ducts. It can also help us stay more alert and awake.

Nose: Oxygen enters the body through the nose (and mouth), therefore a strong and functioning nose is critical to our health. Neti pots are one way to clean out the nose with clean water. Some even recommend adding salt to the water. This can be painful at first, because the nose is sensitive and has been neglected.

The teeth: To clean the teeth and gums, we can dip a clean finger in sea salt and rub the teeth and gums on the inside and out. Weak gums cause weak teeth and pain. Strong teeth can be a corner stone of health for the heart and digestive system. Also massage the tongue while you’re there with the salty.

The ears: Cleaning and exercising the ears can prevent hearing lost, prevent us from straining to be engaged in life, and help us stay more alert. A damp towel and/or cotton swabs can clean the outer ear. Massaging the outer ears can help strengthen them too. Inner ear exercises, such as holding the breath and swallowing and tapping the occiput on alternate sides are great practices too.

This post was inspired by Mantak Chia’s book ‘Chi-Self Massage’ and validated by 18 years of practice.

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