Chi Nei Tsang: Abdominal Massage

Naval diagnosis can help us understand what is happening with our internal organs. Ideally, the navel should be a a perfect circle. However, when the navel pulls toward one or more of the directions above, it indicates excess or deficiency of energy with the corresponding organs; resulting in the issues listed. Self massage can help or see a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner in your area. (Or take a Healing vacation to see someone in the Healing Tao.)

Abdominal reflexology means that we can heal our internal organs by massaging the corresponding external points. Similarly, tightness or pain in the points above will reveal issues with the corresponding organs.

HT: Heart. LV: Liver. LU: Lung. GB: Galbladder. KI: Kidney. BL: Bladder. SI: Small Intestine. LI: Large Intestine.ST: Stomach. TH: Triple Heater. SP: Spleen.

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