Can You Yield Until Your Mind is Clear?

The Taoist masters of old were wise and lived in harmony.
Their minds were deep and they kept their skills hidden.
Because their minds can’t be fathomed and their skills were hidden,
How can we understand them?

They were careful, like one standing on slippery rocks.
They were alert, like a sniper looking through his rifle’s scope.
They were polite, like a visitor in a foreign land.
They flowed like an ancient river.
They were as flexible as the potter’s clay.
They bent like the willow in the storm,
Their minds were as clear as
A mirror reflecting the summer night.

Can you yield, give, and bend until your mind is clear?
Can you exhibit the patience needed,
To allow inner virtue to arise by itself?
One who merges with the Tao
Doesn’t seek to enforce his will.

By letting things take their natural course,
We become like the old masters in modern times.

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