Build Strong Lungs

Build Strong Lungs

The lungs are associated with courage, strength, and integrity when they are healthy and operating well. When the lungs aren’tn working well, there are feelings of depression, grief, and sadness, according to Taoist healing philosophy. The explanations of these positive and negative expressions make even more sense when the lungs are contemplated as the boundary of the inner and outer world. 

The lungs serve as a boundary in that they deal directly with the outside with the outside world. The heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys are all tucked deep inside the body. The lungs relate to the skin in Taoist medicine, which is a clear boundary. The skin helps us breathe through its pores and the blood that circulates to every cell of the skin is fed by the oxygen from the lungs. 

The lungs also related to the large intestine, the other metal organ in Taoist five element theory. Lastly, on the topic of boundaries, the strength of the immune system and ability to handle outside pathogens depends on the lungs. Health relies on the filtering abilities of the lungs and the way the large intestine eliminates waste so it doesn’t fester in the body. 

Strong lungs are demonstrated by a strong posture, a full chest, and healthy-colored skin. Recovery from illness is quick and the complexion is bright and fresh. To strengthen the lungs we can practice deep and slow breathing and The Six Healing Sounds clear stuck air in the body. The Lung Sound (Sssss) clears stuck energy from the lungs and the lung meridians. Taoist yoga moves and squeezes the large intestine to help it eliminate waste. 

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