Cultivating Strong Energy

Cultivating Strong Energy

One Taoist perspective is that life is based upon the energies of Five Elements and three original energies (namely, energy of Heaven, the energy of Earth, and energy interaction according to the laws of Five Elements). The energies of heaven and earth can be thought of as energies on the vertical plane of energy. The energies of the five elements (or five phases) can be thought of as the horizontal plane or the plane of man. Most religious practice centers on the relationships on the vertical plane, but much of life happens on the horizontal, tangible, physical plane.

Building strong energy inside the body, through chi kung, diet, meditation, and other Taoist practices creates strong and resilient energy inside a human being. If a person’s energy is weak and does not provide a buffer to protect against negative external forces, the energies that cause illness will invade frequently and cause harm.

Practices to help balance five elements and cultivate strong energy: the inner smile, the six helping sounds, and stand practices like iron shirt chi kung and I-Chuan.

-Inspired by the Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine

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