Breathing and the Metal Element

Breathing and the Metal Element

Autumn can be the time to lay the foundations of our health for the coming year. It is time to still our hearts and minds and to gather and collect our energy. Metal is the phase of energy represented by late autumn. It is the time when leaves fall to the earth and a time of refinement for the individual. Just as trees are drawing in and letting go of their leaves, it is time for us to let go of what we have been carrying around all year, but may no longer need.

In the animal kingdom, it is the time to store only what is needed for winter and let go of what can be discarded. Autumn is a time to reflect on the cycle of the seasons, and to be thankful for an abundant harvest. Consciously breathing helps us to release tension and to be grateful for the simple act of breathing. Breathing consciously each day can have an extraordinary effect on our health and create peace of mind through autumn and winter.

A person who exhibits the metal energy in balance is someone with integrity who is balanced and fair. They do not want disorder and conflict and prefer structure and stability. A metal person is typically an expert in their field and seeks perfection. They think logically and acting with methodical efficiency. When the metal element is out of balance, a person can be selfish, dishonest, lack integrity, and be sneaky.

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