Bone Meditations

Bone Meditations

During winter, we can sinking our awareness deep into our bones and bone marrow. One can look at the bones in an anatomy book, slap the bones gently, and massage areas where the bones protrude (tips of fingers and toes, knees and elbows, and the hip bones.) Then, in sitting meditation, standing meditation, yoga, or tai chi, tune into the bones and express gratitude. 

Once the bone marrow is revitalized through Taoist practices, the energy that is absorbed into the bones can replenish the blood cells that are manufactured in the bone marrow. The Taoists believe that the strength created through these practices help the body to not only fight off disease, but to also prevent illness before it occurs.

When emotions are too difficult to deal with or we lack the skills to deal with the emotions, we stuff them down into our subconscious and into the dense physical parts of ourselves. This is much like storing junk in our basement when our closets are overflowing with other stuff.

Conscious and intentional interaction with the energy of the bone marrow can move stuck and forgotten energy patterns. This energy, once freed up, can be guided to nourish the organs, skin, glands, and bone marrow itself. Taoist bone marrow practices not only safely release this energy, but allow the practitioner to use the freed up energy to nourish the body. Modern Taoist teachers use the analogy of recycling old materials to create something new and more valuable.

The Winter Solstice is great time to go into the deep and dark parts of ourselves. 

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