Bone Marrow Breathing, Belt Channel Chi Kung

Once the bone marrow is revitalized through Iron Shirt 3 practice, the energy that is absorbed into the bones can replenish the blood cells that are manufactured in the bone marrow. The Taoists believe that the strength created through these practices help the body to not only fight off disease, but to also prevent illness before it occurs. Additionally, Iron Shirt 3 practices target the lymph nodes of the body through gentle hitting that detoxifies and eliminates waste water in the lymph system.

The practices of the Fusion of the Five Elements 2 & 3 involves opening the deep channels of our body, known as the Eight Extraordinary Channels. When these are open and flowing like great rivers, the balanced energy of the Inner Smile and the Fusion 1 practice can nourish deeper aspects of our being.

The Belt Channel can be visualize and energetically around the waist and even the whole body like a golden cocoon. The Belt Channel can help buffer against toxic energy and help us keep our energy closer to our physical bodies. 

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