Bladder Chi Kung

Bladder Chi Kung

Few things are more common than urinating. Bladder chi kung strengthens the kidneys, the pubococcyx muscle, the bladder, and all their associated anatomical aspects. In Chinese medicine, organs never function in a vacuum. Issues or health in one organ affect multiple other parts of the body. 

For instance, the kidneys related to bone marrow and sexual functioning. The PC muscle keeps the pelvic floor strong so energy doesn’t leak out the body of the torso. A weak bladder can be inconvenient with frequent urinating. A weak bladder affects the spleen if urination problems are accompanied by fatigue, digestion problems, a pale tongue, and loose stools. 

Bladder chi kung is simple and perhaps too simple to get people’s attention. When practiced over time, it can have profound impacts on the organs mentioned above. When you go to the bathroom to urinate, begin normally but then stop the stream of urine. Hold this for three seconds, exhale and then resume urination. Try it a few times on each trip to the bathroom. While doing this, you can raise and lower your heels 3-5 time per urination to stimulate the kidney meridian (whether sitting or standing.)

Over time, the bladder gets better at pushing all the urine out of the bladder. Doing this exercise a few times a day greatly strengthens the urogenital diaphragm, all the body tendons and sexual energy. More simple Taoist exercises in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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